Sunday, September 5, 2010

Potty Training success!!!

We have been a little frustrated with trying to potty train Amber and kind of gave up on the idea for a while. When she turned 3 in June we thought it was time to start making a real effort again but then with Jesse graduating from college and not yet finding a job, the pressure was really on due to the possibility of moving in with parents. We thought it was best to get all accidents over with in this apartment instead of in our parents' homes. At first she seemed reluctant and even scared, but we just did it cold turkey and refused to buy more diapers or pull ups for her. She held it for 2 days until finally her tummy hurt and we ran her over to her potty where she went. Of course after that we celebrated like crazy and went straight to the store to buy her a reward. We have since been keeping jelly beans in the bathroom which has helped motivate her. We passed our last potty training hurtle yesterday when she went in the store bathroom for the first time. Now she seems to be much happier and has seemed much less frustrated. I think having the T.V. out of the house has helped a lot with that too. We are so proud of our big girl Amber!!!

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